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 A Shared Journey

The “Good News” of Jesus resounds with the Truth that God desires to be with us.

Jesus lived as one of us. He ate, he slept, he cried, he laughed, he suffered. He gathered and taught followers of The Way while on his way. The Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, and Luke each tell the story when Jesus said to his disciples “Let us go to the other side [of the lake].” Not ‘meet me over there.’ Not ‘you go over there.’ But rather, ‘Let us go over there.’

Living with one another at the large and diverse table of the South Carolina Christian Action Council, its members and supporters strive to journey together with Jesus to the other side where life is full and free for all persons. Our journey is much like the one the Gospel writers tell: it is a journey of peril as well as a journey of destination.

Together we lift in concerted prayer the Christian community and its leading servants. We pray that with one heart we will speak truth for the common good. Throughout history, prophets have lived perilous lives, their calls for justice demanding and hard to hear.

Together we challenge each other to live fully in relationship for we are related through our one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Our journey together is a witness of the oneness we receive from our Lord Jesus Christ and for which he prayed “…That they may be one….”